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Geoff Labat – Chief Videographer

Design Eagles is comprised of Broadcast, Creative, Technology, and Innovation Media professionals with a pursuit of excellence in every project we produce. Averaging 30 years of video production and broadcasting we are constantly looking for new and dynamic creative tools, assets, and ancillary components to add,to our productions. Creativemedias and their principle, Florian Godard, provide some of the premier components to add to a production to insure a stellar result every time! We have used several of Creativemedias Final Cut and Adobe Premier Templates and our clients are amazed at the blend of creativity and attention to detail! Thanks Creativemedias and Florian for making your excellent creative visions available, easily implemented, and superbly supported!

Geoff Labat

Greg MacMaster – Co-Owner

We have been in the media production business going on 4 years and we continue to grow, in part, because of the quality of our production. The plug-ins provided by Creativemedias are the reason our clients want us to shoot more of their listings. We continue to grow by 20% annually because of how our videos look. Our clients want to be better than their competition and come to us for solutions. Thanks Florian for great products and superb customer service!

Greg MacMaster

Arlee Carson – Website Designer

As a 30+ year Real Estate Pro and now Web Marketing Content Creator, I have to say this is AE Project is a must-have tool for helping RE agents brand themselves as part of their overall marketing plans. It very versatile and useful as an intro or outro for branded real estate videos. It’s well organized and well thought-out as an AE Project and the video tutorials are easy to follow. I give this one 5 Huge Stars and highly recommend it for your agency to help sell your content marketing services to the real estate industry.

Arlee Carson

Dr Constantino Mendieta – Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

I am Dr Constantino Mendieta, a board certified surgeon practicing in Miami, Florida. I have the privilege of lecturing all over the world and I am always looking to present what others have never seen. I search the internet constantly for unique presentation ideas and styles. I found Florian (Creativemedias founder) through the internet and after many months of researching he was the one chose. His work is unique, amazing, intriguing and in short spectacular. I love his creativity and he is extremely talented. I would routinely have a concept in mind but could not fully develop it in my vision, I would turn it over to Florian as a broad concept and he would take it to the next level and deliver quickly and with amazing results. It has been an incredible experience ; he has delivered way beyond what I asked for. His turnover time is incredible and always delivers way beyond what I expected with excellent pricing (well worth the money). I have been presenting in front of plastic surgery physicians (touch aesthetic crowed) and his work always wows my audience by far the best presentations in the industry. Without a doubt Florian is the man. I highly recommend him and I do not go anywhere else for my presentations.

Dr Constantino Mendieta
"This is actually one of the better Mosaic openers."
fitzadv on Mosaic Logo Presentation
"Bought it! Love it! Sorry to ask dumb questions, but I think I was having a “flash” back! Yes, fully editable on timeline, very, very nice project. Thank you!!!"
kalibahlu on Elegant Slide Promo
"Outstanding Template! Easy to Navigate! Designer is very prompt should you have any questions."
skatecc on Clean Showcase
"Nice work and patient and immediate support. Really professional. Thanks a lot"
macbaron1952 on Corporate Glass Display
"Great little animation and not too difficult to customise even with no After Effects experience"
bocacrazy on Ribbons Logo
"Downloaded, added the clips really easily straight into the placeholder sequences – took less than an hour to render on a fairly standard spec Dell desktop (8GB RAM), perfect quality, great intro to a client video.

Couldn’t have been easier or smoother. Thanks very much – great piece of work."

DulcieB on Sliding Presentation
"Very useful and beautiful work ! Well done!"
Bluefinger on Geometrix 30s Loop Presentation
"Bought it! Love it! Fully editable on timeline, very, very nice project. Thank you!!!"
kalibahlu on Elegant Slides Promo
"Great customer support 5 thumbs up, very easy to work with the file!!!!”
liquidblurstudios on Ribbons Display
"I like the graphics and the way those images change from one to another. Good work! ”
Official_sUP on Dual Screen Display
"This was one of the finest, best organized and easily understood AE projects I have ever seen! The technique for building the Laptop was elegant and beautiful! I was easily able to change the length and the laptop animation to suit my needs. VERY GOOD!”
Anonymous on Laptop 15s Commercial
"Hi Florian, I recently purchased your “stylish orbs” AE template from Revostock and love it! I did a rough edit of how I intend to use it here: https://youtu.be/yFI3s3H85bo (Please excuse that the logo is too small…I’m working on a new one) [...] Thanks and great templates!
Jake R. on Stylish Orbs Presentation
"Hi Florian, great Job on the AE template. I bought one yesterday and had a lot of fun using it. [...] Thanks!”
Christian H. on Elegant Display
"Hi Florian [...] thank you so much & your template is good. Keep up the good work. Cheers”
Ridley on Mozaik Logo Reveal


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